DCM Group

DCM Group was established in the year 2005 in Rajkot, a city that’s well-known worldwide for its casting and forging industry. The company came into existence to fulfill the high quality bearing needs of diverse industries both in India and abroad.

Before discussing the different manufacturers in India, it is imperative to understand what a ball bearing is.

What is a bearing?

A bearing is a machine element, which is essential for constraining relative motion as desired. In other words, bearings are machine parts which assist rotating objects. Some major machineries which use bearings include automobiles, airplanes, electric generators, heavy construction equipment, and so on. Additionally, they are also used in everyday household appliances, such as refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and air-conditioners. To cater different specialties, bearings have evolved and segmented into a wide range varying on the basis of durability, efficiency, reliability, and performance.

They essentially perform three main functions which are given below:
• Reduce friction in rotating objects
• Carry axial loads
• Help position moving parts

In today’s time, the rapid industrial growth has given rise to tremendous demand for specialized bearings. Under the light of the given statement, we would like to introduce you to one of the best bearing manufacturers in India, DCM Group.

DCM Group, incorporated nearly two decades ago, has risen through the ranks and demolished its competition in the industry to gain a reputation as one of the top leading bearing companies in India and internationally. In no time we have become one of the most valuable bearing exporters in India. Based in Rajkot, Gujrat, we deal in a wide variety of bearings ranging from self-aligning bearings to kingpin bearings.

Our products, having a special focus on bearings are designed and manufactured by the DCM group ensuring long term durability, quality, and sustainability.

We take special care and precaution with every batch of bearings we supply, following every protocol including those of extensive testing to ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and any other quality determining factors of our products. Our aim is to manufacture supreme quality products including bearings which meet every possible need of our valued customers. Following this motto, we have gained a place among the best bearing manufacturers in India.

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  • Experience of 15+ Years

  • Exporting to 15+ Countries

  • Portfolio of 1500+ Products


Our Infrastructure

The cutting edge infrastructure and production facilities employed by DCM Group lay a clear reflection to the company’s farsighted vision and unshakable faith to perfection and excellence.

30000 Sq Ft Build up area

60+ Production Lines

Engineering & Design

DCM Group India have self-performing bearing experts as well as a network of 70 mechanical engineers who support our esteemed customers


Implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015, quality is the core value that defines how DCM Group works.


Our pledge of empowering humanity through various activities aligned with our exclusive Ethical Charter as well a commitments is what determines the essentials of our CSR policy