Our Products

DCM manufactures both Industrial & Automotive bearings.

The range of Ball and Roller bearings produced by DCM extensively covers not only the conventional designs with intermediate rings, but also innovatively created newer designs that have modified rings, incorporating the intermediate rings.

Each and every product promises longer life, appropriate grease consumption, lower maintenance levels and least possible environmental impact. Automotive bearings manufactured are Wheel hub units, cartridge bearings, clutch bearings and other customized bearings for passenger and Commercial vehicles.

DCM Group manufactures a comprehensive range of CNC Turned Rings that undergo stringent tests to ensure the highest quality on different parameters. The company designs and develops these rings making use of ultra-modern CNC Machines. DCM Group also offers customized solutions as per the customers’ specific requirements. Made using high quality stainless, carbon and alloy steel, these rings are available in a wide of weights, diameters and thicknesses. Each and every product outlines the needed ring size, with greater efficiency, versatility and enhanced quality.

The demand for bearings has seen a high spike in recent years. The main reason for this rapid rise in demand is the high use of various machines ranging from refrigerators and medical equipment to automobiles and manufacturing equipment. All of these use bearings with the main purpose of reducing friction, providing support, and transmitting heavy loads. The spike in this demand is thus, indirectly proportional with the population burst that India is experiencing as well as the population rise the globe is.

DCM Group was established around two decades ago, to fulfill this tremendous rise in demand with the main aim to provide supreme quality bearings. One of our signature products include forged and turned rings. The quality of goods manufactured and supplied is of such excellence that the DCM Group has earned a name in the industry as one of the best forged ring manufacturers in India, in addition to one of the most reputed turned ring suppliers in India.

We at DCM Group manufacture a comprehensive and elite range of CNC turned rings, sold at nominal and reasonable prices to our consumers. The forged and turned rings are developed in an effort to facilitate and ease the workings of modern and ultra-modern CNC machines.

The rings are produced by DCM, keeping in mind our responsibility to our valued customers as well as our well-earned reputation as one of the leading forged ring manufacturers in India. Our commitment to quality is the result of our strict guidelines and policies as well as policing each and every piece of bearing produced in the factory.

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