The cutting edge infrastructure and production facilities employed by DCM Group lay a clear reflection to the company’s farsighted vision and constant faith to perfection and excellence. Having its manufacturing base in Rajkot, DCM Group’ world-class manufacturing facility contributes to advanced, highly productive and precise manufacturing environment.

Raw Material

Chrome Steel SAE 52100 or 100Cr6 Steel confirms to International standards is used for manufacturing DCM bearings and same steel is used for all the bearing components like races, cages and rolling elements. All the cages are composed of CRC material and brass as per international standard specification.


DCM Bearings has world-class capabilities in the forging shop with state-of-the- art lines of Power Presses ranging from 75T to 300T. All these lines are backed up by Long Bar & Cut Piece fully automatic induction heating furnaces and other mechanical processes to get the best possible results in the part profile.

All press lines are flexible enough to offer inherent advantage to the company to meet the demands of fully optimized production. Forging jobs are performed on best quality bearing steel such as SAE 52100 or 100Cr6 to make inner and outer rings which are inspected by microscope equipped with Image Analyzer Software keeping in view the quality purposes.


To carry out the annealing process, DCM Bearings has in place Bell Type Annealing furnaces with Air circular system, Control panels, Double disc polishing machines, Abrasive cutting machines and Induction hardening equipment with 125 KW/ 3 – 10 kHz with Advance digital control IGBT. Annealing is performed on the bearings in order to enhance their ductility, and to make them more workable and flexible for moulding into any desired shape.

CNC Turning

DCM possess high precision quality CNC machines which are known worldwide for reliable operation as well as increased productivity, and are capable of manufacturing even the most complicated components with maximum accuracy, high precision and perfection par excellence.

Heat Treatment

DCM Bearing has installed high capacity preheating furnaces, salt bath, tempering and marquenching furnaces to ensure better grain structure, excellent surface quality, minimize energy cost and achieve greater accuracy. Each and every component of the bearing such as Inner & Outer races, rings and the rollers are heat treated to provide wear and tear.


Grinding at DCM is carried out using fully automatic and interconnected CNC grinding and super finishing lines to achieve smooth and accurate surface of the bearings. The facility includes Surface grinding machines, Vertical centerless grinding machines, CNC internal and external grinding machines 2 Axis (with Auto-Loading and Unloading).

Super Finishing

Once the grinding process is done, the reduction in Roughness Average (Ra) value is reduced by the state-of-the-art honing and lapping machines, thereby help in maintaining appropriate roughness average Ra value which provides super finished bearing components.


For rollers manufacturing, the company has state-of-the-art facility for cold forging, tumbling, heat-treatment, shot blasting, grinding and final finishing. In the process, Cold forging ensures increased toughness with crystal grain flow, tumbling removes sharp edges and surface scale, heat treatment increases strength and resistance to wear with removal of internal stresses, and shot blasting provides a consistent and uniform surface while freeing the rollers from dust, sludge and heat-treatment scale. The visual and dimensional checking is done to ensure that rollers are completely defect-free on each and every parameter. The super finishing of rollers gives them an improved and sophisticated surface finish with an extremely cambered profile.

Cage Making

DCM has its own ultra modern cage manufacturing unit to produce the cages for all bearings. Cage making is carried out on a fully automatic set up driven by incredible technical competence and flexible manufacturing processes resulting in cages of different surface finish, sizes and variations.


The assembly division is also well-equipped with all the machines and tools for measuring, matching and assembling to make a super finished bearing. During the process, each and every bearing component is ultrasonically washed and cleaned to wipe out all the remaining dirt and dust. Using fully automatic assembly lines, the assembly engineers deployed at the facility adopt foolproof techniques while assembling all the components to produce a finished product that meets precision, excellence and specified tolerances for bearing run-out.


After assembling the components, bearings are neatly and securely packed under hygienic conditions. DCM bearings are first oiled to ensure protection against varied atmospheric effects and then wrapped securely in plastic bags. Further to that, these are packed in individual boxes which are collectively packed in a master box for transportation.