Our Products

DCM manufactures both Industrial & Automotive bearings.

The range of Ball and Roller bearings produced by DCM extensively covers not only the conventional designs with intermediate rings, but also innovatively created newer designs that have modified rings, incorporating the intermediate rings.

Each and every product promises longer life, appropriate grease consumption, lower maintenance levels and least possible environmental impact. Automotive bearings manufactured are Wheel hub units, cartridge bearings, clutch bearings and other customized bearings for passenger and Commercial vehicles.

Self-aligning ball bearings offer some leeway in the way that they can still function appropriately in applications where there are strong possibilities of misalignments and some other similar issues. A spherical outer raceway incorporated in the design of self-aligning ball bearings allows for misalignment, housing deformations, shaft deflection, provides you with a bearing that can perform excellently well in potentially problematic applications. These bearings are available both open and sealed forms.


Features and benefits

  • As these bearings are of self-aligning nature, they can very well accommodate both dynamic and static misalignment.
  • In comparison to any other roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearings create lesser amount of friction that capacitates them to function in a very cool manner even at high speeds.
  • As the bearings function very low temperature, very low heat generates and the temperature of bearing remains lower. All this results in less maintenance and extended bearing life.
  • In self-aligning ball bearings, there is very loose conformity between balls and outer rings which keeps the frictional heat and friction at very low levels.
  • Self-aligning ball bearings offer excellent light load performance with minimum load requirements.
  • These bearings can make reduction in noise as well as vibration levels, for example, in fans.


Self Aligning Ball Bearings are considered to be perfectly suitable for use in a wide range of industries. Incredible both on performance and durability, these bearings come in a comprehensive range of sizes, designs and variants. Self aligning Ball Bearings find applications in the following industries:

  • Industrial fans
  • Agriculture
  • Material Handling
  • Food & beverage
  • Pulp and Paper.