Our Products

DCM manufactures both Industrial & Automotive bearings.

The range of Ball and Roller bearings produced by DCM extensively covers not only the conventional designs with intermediate rings, but also innovatively created newer designs that have modified rings, incorporating the intermediate rings.

Each and every product promises longer life, appropriate grease consumption, lower maintenance levels and least possible environmental impact. Automotive bearings manufactured are Wheel hub units, cartridge bearings, clutch bearings and other customized bearings for passenger and Commercial vehicles.

The range of Taper Roller Bearings offered by DCM is designed to heighten product performance in applications which need bearings set at a specific angle. With availability of a wide range of designs, Taper Roller Bearings offer ease of customization which capacitates them to meet specific speeds, vibrations conditions, temperatures, loads and contaminations.

The load capacity of the bearings can either be decreased or increased as per the increase or decrease in the contact angle. Simply put, the higher the degree of angle, the greater the contact angle. These bearings are perfectly suitable for significant combined load in radial and axial direction.



Taper Roller Bearings can be found in a large number of everyday applications, most commonly in car wheels. While the original design was attempted for wagon wheels to bring betterment in their performance for farming purposes, these bearings have since been adapted for a comprehensive range of applications across a wide spectrum of the automobile industry.

Usually used in pairs for extending support to an equal amount of axial force in either direction, these bearings have left the wagon wheel era a long ago. And yet the concept has been in effect 120 years later.

They can also be found in

  • Agriculture equipment
  • Gear boxes and axles
  • Engines and reducers
  • Propellers
  • Railroad axles
  • Mining and construction
  • Automotive
  • Gearboxes
  • Oil and Gas
  • Printing
  • Primary Metals
  • Railway and Transportation
  • Wind Energy