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DCM manufactures both Industrial & Automotive bearings.

The range of Ball and Roller bearings produced by DCM extensively covers not only the conventional designs with intermediate rings, but also innovatively created newer designs that have modified rings, incorporating the intermediate rings.

Each and every product promises longer life, appropriate grease consumption, lower maintenance levels and least possible environmental impact. Automotive bearings manufactured are Wheel hub units, cartridge bearings, clutch bearings and other customized bearings for passenger and Commercial vehicles.

As their name implies, Roller Bearings are counterpart of Ball Bearings. In these bearings, the use of rollers is made instead of balls to create separationbetween inner and outer ring of the bearing. The making of ball bearings and roller bearings has a lot of similarity despite the technique of separation, yet some differences in their applications and performance are quite visible. The principal purpose and functionality of Roller Bearings is to provide high performance by making a reduction in the rotational friction while carrying a high axial and radial load.

DCM Group is one of the leading manufacturers of bearings India, and our team dedicates this article to helping our customers differentiate between different types of bearings and their utilization below:

1. Spherical Roller Bearings
DCM spherical roller bearings consist of an outer ring with a spherical raceway which is continuous and centered within. The two rows of barrel like rollers which operate in separate races ground into the inner ring with a center rib to guide the roller. Each roller is loosely retained in place within a cage that goes full circle between the raceways. They are popular because they can take very heavy loads and are utilized for self-alignment. Their design allows them to take combined loads in both the radial and axial direction acting together. Additionally, they can also resist vibration and impact loads.

2. Taper Roller Bearings
DCM taper roller bearings are most often used in opposing pairs. Tapered roller bearings are separable and have the following components: outer ring, inner ring, and roller assembly. The outer ring is more commonly known as the cup, while the inner ring and roller assembly are known as the cone. They have a greater propensity of bearing and supporting radial, axial and combined loads. These types of bearings can be found in several everyday applications, most notably in automobiles. They can also be found in agriculture equipment, gear boxes and axles, engines and reducers, propellers, railroad axles, mining, and construction.

3. Cylindrical Roller Bearings
The DCM cylindrical roller bearings are made for supporting heavy radial loads, with a special penance for supporting high speed operations. This specific type of bearing comes in a variety of specification based models with the roller being guided either by the inner ring or the outer ring. These are widely used in papermaking industry, electric motors, railways, motorcycles, pumps, wind turbines, and gearboxes. Although these bearings are used in the above industries, their use is not limited there due to their high performance and durability under stressful conditions.

4. Double row taper roller bearing
The DCM double row taper roller bearings are mainly responsible for transmitting and resisting radial and axial loads at operational speeds varying from low to moderate. They are also highly durable and help in smooth functioning of machines. Double row tapered roller bearings are typically used in gearboxes, hoisting equipment, rolling mills and machines in the mining industry, e.g. tunneling machines.

5. Needle cage bearing
The DCM needle cage bearings are of the best quality available in India as well as internationally. These are one of the easiest to operate in the world, and can easily be fitted and operated with one's hands, and do not require the mandatory usage of tools, which is rare. They increase rigidity of shaft when used. Additionally, they are also responsible for ensuring a long life without excessive wear and have a high load resistance rating.

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